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`You complete me

Monday, December 3, 2012 @ 2:47 AM.

hi ^^v....dun tellz anyone, but i'm secretly in love with one direction shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. heheh they are all so handsome :3

Monday, August 29, 2011 @ 8:23 PM.

i love you :)

Friday, July 22, 2011 @ 9:25 PM.

best concert of the year <3.

Monday, June 20, 2011 @ 4:10 PM.

 Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met.
too bad its gotta be done :/ .

I don't know , im just bored &i felt like updating my blog :)
seems its pretty much DEAD.

@ 3:42 PM.


Thursday, June 16, 2011 @ 2:11 PM.


Saturday, June 11, 2011 @ 5:06 PM.

oh lol i totally forgot that i had a blog,
oh well i'll update when i have the time.
just came back from mandarin class , woohoo wo jiao aris !:)
yesterday's party was awesome,went as harry potter and won best costume :)) .
now i gotta go hit the gym and go for squash lessons , adios!

Monday, June 6, 2011 @ 10:02 AM.

all them wet clothes from yesterday ..
got even wetter cause it rained last night-.- .

had a great breakfast in the hotel today ,
there's like everything you want there !
i had tons and tons and tons of bacon , nomnom.
i loveee the mango & coconut <3 .
&the delicious waffles .

my sexy laptop ;p . OH look it weiwen's blog! haha.

i finished eating kinda fast so i went back in the room,
planning to swim later , then go to the beach !
wee maybe go on the jet ski or parasailing , haven't made up my mind yet.
then im gonna go walk around the hotel , see if they have any cool events happening.
there's a dance class at 10am , my sister's are going for it-.- , and there's gonna be guitar lessons at 2pm ,
but im too tired to teach..hahahaha jk. eating at hard rock cafe tonight , to celebrate my nephew's birthday !
no not naqib , my other nephew . &there's gonna be a really good band performing tonight ! can't wait :)

@ 12:20 AM.

Hard Rock Hotel Penang ! :))

sorry for not posting anything on my blog , haha im enjoying myself too much in penang!
so i'll make this post a long one ;)
hard rock hotel is a freaking awesome hotel weyh ! a must stay if your going to penang :)
its like a night club in vegas ! with all the awesome live performances and the interior designs.
make sure you get the lagoon deluxe ! the pool is RIGHT NEXT to your room ,
if you open the sliding door it will be right in front of your face,
sometimes when i get bored in the room , i just open my shirt and randomly jump in the pool and come back out,
staying there for 4 days , just came back from an awesome dinner in the hotel,
now just lying down outside of the room , next to the amazing pool :D
lets get to the pictures shall we !

Room 108 , epic lagoon deluxe room .
will definitely come back here with my many many childrens.

right outside of the room ! i love just jumping into the pool,
or better just lying down there with my laptop and watching sexy chicks swim by . hehe :)

my sexy bed all to myself :)
the blue is caused by the reflection of the swimming pool !

the pool ! connected all the way to the other pools !

Ahh.. just chilling outside with my laptop brings me much joy :)

Rightt outside the room ,  can wash hands .

How dare you enter my room fat boy !
Oh btw , we took 2 rooms which is side by side,
you can easily cross over like what this fat boy is doing.

Aww , u wanna play in the water little boi ?
ohh..you wait..

it never gets old. there's your water !

i can see the gym right in front of the room as well !
all them hot & sweaty...
there's also a beautiful beach right across !
wee jet ski <3. FK BANANA BOATS.
A guitar signed by Bon Jovi ! ITS MY LIFEEE :))
the awesome live band !
the songs they play are so modern and rocking , i love it ! :)
that dude with the white hair has an amazing voice,
its like he was born to SING ! pro.
the lounge seemed pretty busy tonight .
                                          alright , that's all for today :p ,
i'll try and get more pics around the hotel .
tho im just using my phone camera -_-" . 
teehee goodnight !
the free wifi here is godly.

Friday, June 3, 2011 @ 11:39 PM.

thank yous weiwennnn ! :DD 
very very naise to do buisness with u , haha .
nomnom ur cupcakes make me hungry !
soo fking bored in penang,
chatting with weiwennnnn via fb chat,its been awhile! &skyping with kennedy. 
btw weiwen ur spelling mistakes are SOOO FUNNY ! :)) 

@ 10:09 PM.

I didn't know Buff Day existed until now.

@ 4:51 PM.

finally arrived in penang !
it is very fluffy and nice. i laike

@ 1:39 AM.

Happy birthday shayee ! :D

woke up at 3pm today , atleast i still have more than half a day left to spend ,
spent the rest of the day on my laptop until now , ordered mcdonald's and had kfc ,
i wana get fat :( , damn im so jealous of you fat people , teach me please.
going to penang later in the morning since its 1:40am now ,
leaving at around 7am , gonna be in hard rock hotel penang for 4 days..
and right after i come back i gotta go to kampar for the 'yenray goes camping with friends!' event :D
haha im so excited for it ! wish more people could come tho :/ .
goodnight ppl . im dead tired .

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 @ 3:54 PM.

How can someone dislike this?! xDD

Finally back home , slept over ken's house last night ,
went to tc to watch kungfu panda 2 & thor with mun chong,pathvinder,kennedy,davinia,thivesh,shonia,zara,grace&hong yee :)
kungfu panda 2 was alright,but id rather watch it on dvd ,
thor was awesome !
       Natalie Portman is smoking HOT !
 especially in thor :D

woke up really late today,supposed to go to haikal's house to practice for shahiza&shahira's party next week,
really excited for it ! in KLGCC :) . its gonna be like a Harry Potter ball themed party ,
i wanna go as a dementor :D .
sorry haikal ! x]
sadly amir's wont be around for the party :/ ,
i guess shishkabob will be back some other time...concert gemilang :)
ohh shit , i totally forgot about concert gemilang until now,
the audition is in 2 weeks and we haven't even started practicing any one of our songs,


Monday, May 30, 2011 @ 8:18 PM.

this photo was taken at exactly 12am on haikal's birthday ! :D
sadly bday boy was asleep , haha.

sry for the long update , blogs dying :P .
been busy having an awesome time at haikal's crib .
happy belated birthday now haikal !
first night we woke up to watch football,
go barca ! 3-1 .
the next day we went to redbox , had an awesome time with the guys :D .
then we wanted to watch movie , but wtf fast 5 was only showing at 8 :(,
sushil wanted to watch Karak , stupid malay movie-.- .
the only available movie was kung fu panda...but the waiting line was too long,
so we gave up on watching a movie and went back to haikal's house,
omegle'd all night , didn't know it would be so fun,
we actually got to video call with a few girls ! :D HEHE .
but we mostly saw dicks-.- ,
so i do not recommend you guys to go to omegle unless u wanna see dicks..A LOT OF DICKS.
then the next day ..which is today..we woke up at around 12pm ,kinda early,
then played blackops till 7pm ,
then now im back home ! :)
alone with my brother ,
his busy playing halo while im just stuck in my room writing this blog,
back to boredom :( .
seeyou guys tmrw for football ! ROAR

Saturday, May 28, 2011 @ 10:40 PM.

Black Ops-ing with the guys !

LAN PARTY 2011 going on today @Haikal's Crib,
Having an awesome time :D ,
played ps3 for damn long ,
then we went to the park to play some frisbee x] ,
yenray brought both his frisbee's ,
haikal's neighbourhood park is damnn freaking huge!
damn perfect for some frisbee action .
everyone ended up sweating like crazy,
so we went back to the house to play more games,
then went stalking peoples profile on facebook,hehe.
shishkabob's performance yesterday was awesome!!
we never get bored listening to it :) ,
more audition's coming up , can't wait .
tonight gonna be staying up really late with the hairy guys to watch football,woot.
life's great :).

@ 2:57 PM.

weiwen's telling me to update my blog cause its dead.


Friday, May 27, 2011 @ 9:29 PM.

Love the INSANE CROWD ! :D

just woke up from a 5hour nap,
had performance for teacher's day today,
performed Its My Life-Bon Jovi,
Haha , it doesn't even have anything to do with teacher's day tho x]
we just wanted to have fun ! & WE DID .
after teachers day ended,
had lunch with pathi & brandon at village park,
then went back home and straight away pengsan on the sofa,
still pumped from the performance this morning ,
can't wait for the next upcoming gig . :)

To Watch My Bands Performance Click HERE! < SHISHKABOB FTW <3

Thursday, May 26, 2011 @ 10:07 PM.

Skyping with my sexy babies .


Hello Amir!:D


@ 8:21 PM.

weee , so excited for tmrw !
i hope everyone comes for teacher's day :D
its gonna be awesome , damn a lot of awesome performances .

@ 8:12 AM.

OHH fuck i overslept -___-" .
suppose to be going school today for band rehearsal ...
got woken up by amir , called me at 730am ,
everyone was already there except me T_T ,
they were all angry asking me to come x( .
had rehearsal yesterday too,
1st one was kinda messy , 2nd one was greatt ! :D
but pn shama said it was too loud , WTF?!
alif said he couldn't hear anything . WOW...i guess its balanced then.
gonna hav band practice after 'school ' . goodnight

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 @ 8:06 PM.

everytime :) .

woohoo fkyeah midterm is over baby ! :DD
tho i don't really feel that happy cause ive been going online almost everyday :P ,
went to TC with abu,pathi,amir,kennedy,yenray,wuchyi,farhan,suriah&hardev today,
watched pirates , damn nice ! The mermaids were soooo HOTT !!
i wish i was a mermaid..hmm:(
goin to school tmrw for teacher's day rehearsal with amir,haikal,naqib,yenray&wuchyi :D
then this friday gonna hav a 2011 LAN PARTY ! this time in haikal's house :)
last year's one was in my house , freaking epic . we were freaking zombies on the 2nd day .
yuven didn't bathe during the whole lan party last year -.- , dog.
i feeel likeee going out , i feels so caged being at home D:  .
1. Rock Teacher's Day
2. Celebrate Haikal's Bday@Redbox
3. Make a random sketch with friends
4. Watch Movies ! :)

1. Drop by barber shop.

Monday, May 23, 2011 @ 11:17 PM.

its been a great day :D ,
can't wait for exam to finish tomorrow !
just mod math left , then its all over:) .
after exam gonna go watch movie with friends @tc ,
fast five babeh !! heard its freaking epic ,
wanted to watch last week but exam week can't go out :( .
its gonna be a busy and awesome week ,
wednesday got teacher's day rehearsal,
goo shishkabob ! :D
then thursday going to wuchyi's house for band practice untuk concert gemilang <3 ,
friday's teachers day , its gonna be hella fun ! :))
nites peeps. 

@ 12:59 PM.

FK LA OMGG , I woke up at 5am in the morning to study agama and physics,
then after studying till 6:30 i got ready for school ,
waited for my driver , waited till like 7am .
so i waited...and waited...then it became 7:20am -.- ,
so i called my driver , in the end he told me that he got into and accident in his car,
luckily his alright , but wtf exams today -___-" ,
nobody could send me to school since my parents went off to work and my sis went to work too,
fkkk laa ive already missed add maths paper 1 and bm paper 1 now i missed physics and agama ,
i didn't wanna miss that :(( . ZZZZZZZZ

Sunday, May 22, 2011 @ 2:55 PM.

woohoo my internet's finally working back ! After sooo long :) ,
usually when there's a rainbow in my room it means something good happened ,yay!
no i did not edit that picture , there was an actual rainbow in my room , no idea how.refraction i guess.
soo,exams been going on for 2 weeks , another 2 days left . physics,agama& mod math paper , then freedom for a few months !:))
didn't come school to sit for add math 2 and bm paper 1 cause wasn't feeling well,
how lucky is that ? I skipped both the most annoying and frustrating exam paper on that day.
but sadly im gonna hav to resit for it once exams over-___-" wtfuck. if not im gonna get last in class for sure x]
oh , i saw on facebook that pui yee might most probably be going to international school o.o ,
hmm , kinda reminds me of myself going to asrama , haha i seriously regretted leaving DU,
i left cause of the same reason that u wanted a better education..but yea it was a big mistake-.-',
good thing i came back after a week ,heh.
du is a great school <3 seriously, don't be a ditcher ;p.
just came back from kennedy's house , studied physics ,played a little...till 530am,
well ofcourse we spent most of our time studying till 530am.yay studying is fun .
mom just came back from new york after a week being there ,
now i have no idea where she is , im alone at home with my annoying little brother ,
and my freaking annoying sister.somebody save me T_T.

Saturday, May 21, 2011 @ 3:55 PM.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011 @ 10:24 PM.

Ray ban sunglasses ! :D

woke up at 8am today , had breakfast in bangsar , yummy mamak food,
never get tired of it :) . after that went to take my new spectical's from reliance optical,
got bored of half-framed spec's so i bought a full frame :D ,
after that got my 6month contacts , so decided to get myself sunglasses,
bought 1 ray ban sunglasses and 1 ray ban powerless lens glasses,heh.
after that went to one utama to buy some clothes ,
then went straight at mcDonald's around 12pm for study group,
had an awesome study group with yenray,kennedy,daxter,zhanmeng& khaihann ! :)
i studied agama like crazyyy , so scared for tmrw D: !
agama & chemistry exam,
confirm die for chemistry edi , might have some chance to survive agama and pass.ihope.
grr come on 5 more days till exam is over , i can do this !!
after the study group went straight to tuition with yenray ,
learning chemistry makes me sooo sleepy :( .
especially when you don't know what teacher's talking about..
whoa raining really heavily nowadays , i kinda miss the hot sun now :/ .
wth am i saying . i HATE the hot sun .go rain !
after tuition went to yenray's house ,
damnn , u got so many cool expensive things in ur room !!
went to one utama after that to have dinner @ fish&co ,
had mussels which kinda tasted bad , & fish n chips that were edible .
went home , &now i am skyping with my buddies :))
goodnight ! blogging sucks , why am i even blogging . wee

Monday, May 16, 2011 @ 10:24 PM.

don't u just enjoy chilling on the sofa...with clones.

school was kinda boring to day,
due to memorizing tons of random sejarah facts-.- ,
wtf barely any of the chapters are connected ,
i don't even think any of them are,
and plus we have paper 1 and paper 2-.- ,
sat for sej paper 2 today ,
ohh damn i didn't know sooo many questions,
wanted to just leave them blank,
but i filled it in with some bullshit stories that seems sejarah-ish,
i heard a lot of people left damn a lot of blanks in their paper,
its alright.let us all die together when we get our results T_T .
omg when i went to collect the paper after my row is done,
i saw hardev's paper & his answers were like a freaking karangan,
he used like 2 papers to answer a 6marks question!
A+ for sure -.- .grr.
woohoo tmrw is hari wesak !
which means no school :))
but still gotta study for wednesday's exam,
just remembered that agama is on wednesday , damnit..
worst subject of them all :( . *not being racist*
gonna go get my new frame & contacts tmrw , woof.byebye.

Sunday, May 15, 2011 @ 5:58 PM.

`Had fun in the park yesterday !

today's been soo boring :( ,
woke up at 11am , had some really cold breakfast-.- ,
ate some cake..studied sejarah for a bit,
fk sejarah,why can't you just stay IN MY HEAD?!
Grr , its so pissing off when i forget :( ,
ken went home soon after that,
thanks for everything ken :) good studying.
exam's tmrw , no more objective..makes me miss being a form3 :/
so lucky u all still have objective exams..its just writing for us D:
can't wait for exams to be over !! grr , just 2 more weeks of hell to go through..
after studying sejarah watched green hornet , what a stupid hilarious show-.- .
ohh damn the thunderstorm justnow was INSANE !
There was like lightning striking every second , scarryyy .
Well , gotta go study more sejarah ! BYE-BYE :D

Saturday, May 14, 2011 @ 8:24 PM.

a simple editing i did when i was bored x]

thanks for all the wishes and call's guys ! i really really appreciate it.&the awesome gifts :D
got woken up at 8am in the morning by my sister,
she sneaked into my room with a huge bucket of ice cold water ,
and yeah..she poured it all on me-.- , almost gave me a mini heart attack,
after seeing her laugh her ass off my family came in and sang happy birthday,
at 8am in the morning-___-" , i slept at 5am . great.
i even thought that i was dreaming at that time ,
after they were done singing i obviously went back to bed ,
then woke up again at 11pm to have breakfast in bangsar,
went to optical reliance to change my spec's frame,
ohh fk my power shot up to 875 . ZZZ pls god don't make me blind D:
then went for mandarin class , ohh damn my brain was in pain after the class,
learnt so many new words , and teacher told us to memorize all of them . ni hao ma,bitch.
after class dropped by so many places ,slept in the car most of time.
then kennedy came to my house to study sejarah with me,
soo we studied for about an hour or so,
and we got bored...and when we get bored,we edit pictures :P.
luckily kennedy brought his DSLR ! So we took a couple of sexy looking snaps,
hopefully able to upload a few of them by tonight , after hours of editing .
thanks weiwen for promoting my blog ! HAHA(Y) .
but for now , gotta study for mid-term . goodbye;)

`why do i still think of you?

@ 5:09 AM.

Its May 14 !!
God , i feel so old now..
times flies soo fast :/,
soon the form3's will be sitting for pmr *hehe* ,
then im gonna be sitting for spm ,fk.
hm,i think my moustache is getting thicker rofl x] ,
i hope that being 16 now would be me much more joy and happiness in my life!:),
being 15 has really been a pain in the ass...&sometimes in the heart :/ ,
thanks for all the wishes guys !
i feel so lucky to have my friends :').
&Happy birthday to you too jazlynn ! May 14th FTW(Y) ,
were awesome :P .
roar is 5:04am , i better get some rest,
been skyping with zhanmeng & ken since justnow,
whoaa my profile pic reached 100likes in 2days,coolio :D .
Lol's blogger is working now .

Thursday, May 12, 2011 @ 7:12 PM.

My latest masterpiece :))

Took it today right after school,
around 10-15 layers ,
can't tell u how i did it tho :P
if u wana know , come ask me personally ! :D
don't worry im friendly,
took me around 2hours to finish the editing,
yes i am very free ,
haha actually im just really really bored,
after im done studying i have nothing to do,
so...i just wana edit some pictures ! Haha.
did a picture of me playing xbox too,
so seeing that there are many ppl who likes it,
decided to make more :) ,
editing with photoshop is fun !
School today was boring as usual,
had physics exam and english,
physics was bullshit,
english was simply easy :D .
eating mcD right now,
im getting so bored of my maids cooking .
teaching kennedy how to use photoshop!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 @ 7:25 PM.

Bored to death.

woke up at 5am this morning to study add maths,
after doing a few questions i gave up on it since i couldn't understand a shit,
so i went back to sleep around 5:05am .
then went to school and everyone was studying bm,
&i haven't even started studying bm-.- ,
first paper today was add maths...
i could answer 2 questions..they were quite easy,
but i almost forgot the formula for it,
the part where you write your name and class,
yeah.that part-.-.
add maths is like some new language.
gotta study harder i guess :/ .
after rehat was bm paper 2,
wtf shit loads of writing,
wasn't that bad , can pass :)
i thought bm paper 1 was objective-.-,
but its gonna be writing essay's,now i terribly i miss form3 :(
gonna study physic's later tonight , rawr.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 @ 11:51 PM.

Woo 100th blog post , lolol lame.

weiwen's blog has like 921834979 blog post !
check her blog out , its x1000 way awesome than mine CLICK ME.
Studied add maths for an hour justnow , then gave up .
gonna die tmrw , wish me luck -.-.
gonna wake up at 5am later to study BM ,
i have no idea how im gonna survive for bm exam tmrw :(

@ 9:13 PM.

'Is it gay if you have a boner looking at this pic?'
;Yes..yes it is..

Had bio exam today :/ ,
paper 1 was alright...
but then when paper 2 came , i was like 'what the fu...' -.-" .
hopefully i can atleast get a B for bio ,
what im most afraid of now is add maths tomorrow,
im worried i would blank out like first term :( ,
&bm tomorrow..my fingers are gonna bleed,break,explode,die after writing the essay's.
essay with an 's .
1 day down , another...2 and a half weeks? FK EXAMS.

Monday, May 9, 2011 @ 11:54 PM.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane ? NO! Its pathi on a unicorn !!

Hahaha , omg im so loving editing stuff now :D
Its really fun ! U can't just do whatever u want !
Using ur imaaagiinaaationnn ;) ,
its as simply as that !
Soo, i just finished bio tuition,
Whoaaaa ive never had my brain absorb so many data !
i was nearly falling asleep when teacher was teaching me,
luckily i had 2 cups of nescafe before tuition :) .
Exams in less than 12 hours , god bless.

@ 6:34 PM.

my sexy nephew ! :D

Can't wait for exam to be over ...
hell it hasn't it even started-.- ,
trying so hard to study but i keep failing D: ,
so excited for the after-exam trip ,
finally get to spend some time with my nephew ;) .
its been awhile bro,we got a lot of talking to do!
AHH SHIT , i just remembered that i forgot to buy pen's &correction tape for tomorrow's exam :(,

@ 3:43 PM.

Kennedy & Zhan Meng ! Good old club times ;)
Its been awhile since i went there..last time i went there was last week :D .
didn't go to school today , planned to study in the morning.
so i woke up around 11 , skype study with kennedy .
having bio tuition later :O

@ 3:57 AM.

Ken & Zhan ! My 2 Awesome Best Friends :D

Yeah , i know its really late , but who cares im not going to school today :P .
had a great time skyping with kennedy & zhan !
'studied' until now ! :D
zhan went to bed early around 3:30am?
 &I think ken fell asleep on his keyboard since his not saying anything on skype anymore-.- .
woohoo bio exam is tomorrow ! AMAZING.

lol sound test service?!

Sunday, May 8, 2011 @ 10:54 PM.

Haha, i remembered writing on my blog last year that i won't be posting anymore picture's of my body on my blog since its gay and all,but i just wanted to play around with photoshop cs5 :D .

@ 1:51 PM.

woke up at 9am to cook breakfast for my mom,
yes i enjoy cooking .
made omelate and scrambled eggs , nom nom.
then ate the delicious ice cream cake from baskin robbins,
fking delicious ! :D
so lazy to go to school tmrw, exam's in 2 days :O,
better tmrw i study at home,
was skyping with ken this morning then he had to go to lunch with his mom :(,
having bio tuition later again ,
soooooooooo stressss D:


♥ iloveyou :D

16 year old, 14ᵀᴴ May.
Attached w a special someone, .
My most trusted friend, <3.
Pictures are for memories&remembrance,
I love every 1 of you!
Enessa;p,Chongthayk, Brandon, Sushil, Pathvinder, Yenray, Daxter, Amir, Haikal, Darren, Wuchyi, EngKeat, Cassandra, Weiwen , Puiyee,&others.
Sekolah Menengah Damansara Utama, 2007-2010.

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